Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Hello my lovelies,
Today I'm sharing with you something I have wanted to post for a while and just kind of put it off, not too sure why but hey I'm finally here sharing it which is my amazing Danielle Nicole x Disney collection, my most treasured collection I think!
I did post a blog post July 2017 of my Danielle Nicole collection then but I've gained a couple since then so I kinda wanted to give you a little update and I honestly love sharing these with the world because they are so beautiful.

Cogsworth Crossbody Bag
I'm pretty sure I was waiting for this beauty to arrive last time I posted about my DN x Disney bags but since him arriving he has been an absolute favourite of mine, I love his colours because he goes with most outfits and when I was in Walt Disney World I honestly got so many compliments when I wore him!

This was my first ever DN x Disney handbag I bought for myself, I actually found it in the sale on QVC UK and thought ok lets get him! He is awesome and unlike my other bags he is a little bigger so he is better for an everyday bag because you can fit more stuff inside.
I like to wear him as an accent colour, I tied him in with my new VANS Marvel Sweatshirt that has a little Spidey on the sleeve and love how the red's tie in together.

Honestly I think this is my DN x Disney bag that I actually wear the most. I think the colour is a beautiful colour to pair with a lot of outfits and I'm personally a sucker for rose gold.
I like to wear this bag both during the day and for nights out as it perfectly dresses up an outfit.

One of my latest additions is this cute little Cindy coin purse that I have attached to my everyday black backpack. I don't actually use it for putting coins in but I actually just use it as a bag charm so I can show off my pretty little Cinders.
She also matches perfectly with my crossbody bag which you will see below!

My little beauty babe. 
This is my absolute statement piece bag and another one that I used over and over when I was in Walt Disney World that attracted so many compliments. She is so detailed, so beautiful and will always have a special place in my heart.
I don't like using her too much as I like to use her on special occasions - the main one being Disney World unfortunately I won't be back there til next year now!

My newest addition.
My beautiful best friend gifted me with this on my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I actually cried my eyes out when I opened my gift, I completely did not expect it and I was absolutely over the moon! 
I wore this bag the very next day for my birthday day out at Chester Zoo. It's a great size bag for me enough space to fit in my purse, phone and little bits and bobs. 
Absolute new fav!

I hope you enjoyed this little Disney post.
I will be adding that little extra Disney magic to my blog a lot more as I just started to leave it out and it is definitely something I love and want to keep on here.
Let me know which is your favourite?

Lots of love guys.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Hey guys and gals, today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite nighttime additions I have been loving at the minute.

Now I am a sucker for any skincare and I always love trying out new products, I do have pretty decent skin but there's obviously certain things that I would change - one being my constant breakouts, ugh! Anyways, I was super excited when Truffle Shuffle sent me over a nighttime Disney care package including:

Disney Minnie Mouse Frill Pyjama Set - shop here
Which are now in the sale for £16.99 - bargain!
I have literally wore these PJ's over and over since they arrived, they are so comfy and soft and of course I only ever buy Disney pyjamas so they fit perfectly in my collection.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Makeup Bag - shop here
I love this little makeup bag I have actually been using it to keep my face masks in now since receiving it. Its a decent size makeup bag and would definitely be great to use for travel!

Disney Princess Face Masks - shop here
Oh my gosh, I honestly think these are my fav face masks ever, not only do they leave your skin feeling amazing after but you can become your favourite Disney Princess.
I was lucky enough to be sent a Belle, Ariel & Aurora mask I've used two and I'm actually going to use my last one tonight - can't wait!
These little babies are from Mad Beauty and I will definitely be trying some more of their products as they are so easy to pick up from Truffle

A huge thank you to Truffle Shuffle again for gifting me some of their amazing items as always and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you love my Disney posts on my blog as much as I love writing them.