Wednesday, 4 April 2018


If you haven't been following me on Instagram then you will probably be clueless on what my favourite TV shows are, but if you do follow me there you will probably know how obsessed I get with them - one of those being Stranger Things.

I absolutely loved this show as soon as it came out and it became a huge hype around the world and I was super happy when season two graced our screens and even more happy to find out they are doing season three WOO!

While we wait patiently for season three to come out I stumbled across some amazing fashion pieces that will keep your love of Stranger Things high from TruffleShuffle.
I have shopped from here before for numerous amounts of Disney items (which are amazing might I add) but the guys over at TruffleShuffle where ever so kind to gift me with some items from their awesome Stranger Things range.
shop my Hawkins Indiana baseball tee here

I honestly couldn't believe the HUGE range of Stranger Things that they had a lot of it being exclusive to TruffleShuffle too! My baseball shirt above is an exclusive shirt and it is so comfy and soft to wear and the design is just awesome!

shop my inspired icons tee here

The other shirt is amazing, it's kind of an off white/cream colour which gives it that vintage-y feel and has all of the associated icons with Stranger Things like Eleven's eggos and Barb's glasses (justice 4 barb)
This shirt is also exclusive to TruffleShuffle so you can not shop it anywhere else but here!

I'm also loving my polaroids for taking outfit pictures lately I think they just look so much cooler!

I want to say a huge thank you to TruffleShuffle for gifting me with these awesome shirts and I just know I'm gonna be wearing these all the damn time!
Definitely check their whole Stranger Things range but they also have other amazing Fashion pieces & Gifts for all your favourite TV shows, movies, music & more.

Thanks for reading❤