Thursday, 12 April 2018


This week's blog post I really wanted to share with you what I have been LOVING right now. I haven't really been out too much at the minute and I think I've turned into a little bit of a hermit crab but during this I've actually found a few new TV shows and just fell in love with them and a few oldies but goldies too.
So I really wanted to share them with you today!

Grey's Anatomy
One of my best friends actually told me about Grey's so long ago and she said how amazing it is but I just kind of never got round to checking it out. I recently found NOWTV and decided to give it a whirl and I have literally been binging Grey's Anatomy ever since it is literally incredible!!

Rupaul's Drag Race
I couldn't of typed this blog post without including RPDR because my god this has been one of my favourite TV shows since I binged Season 1 & 2 way back when it first aired on Netflix.
I am now onto the current Season 10 and it is still as amazing as when I first watched it.
I just live for all of the Drag Queens on the show I love keeping up with them on Instagram and Twitter and it will honestly be one of my fav shows forever.

This was another show that I am still currently watching with my boyfriend on NOWTV and we have a little deal that we can't watch it without each other and the episodes are pretty long so it's probably gonna take a while for us to get through (which in my eyes is pretty good so that we always have something to watch). I love Scandal and all the drama that goes on so it's definitely a must watch if you've never seen it before.

I don't even think I really need to explain why friends is in this list.
Since Friends was put on to Netflix a couple of months back it's literally my go to feel good programme and it's just the best. There are so many episodes and you can just watch one after another.

The Walking Dead
I thought I would leave my absolute fav til last!
I am OBSESSED with The Walking Dead which a lot of people already know, but just thought I'd say it again so now everyone knows it...
For a while I was waaaay behind on the seasons but of course I binged and binged them and I'm well up to date now and this is another thing that I catch up on each week on NOWTV when a new ep gets aired (however its the season finale next week - I cry).

To add to my obsession of TWD my lovely, lovely friends at EMP sent me some goodies from their TWD range which is absolutely awesome.
I recently bought a hoodie which I had been eyeing up from their range for so long so I actually got this and it is my absolute fav - I am a sucker for a comfy hoodie and makes it even better that it is TWD!↓
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So EMP where super generous and sent me two TWD Tee's and I absolutely love them!
They are very me and I've actually been wearing these all the time. I love dark colours on myself and love 'band style' t-shirts which both of these are. 
They are actually both Negan based shirts one being a Saviours tee and the other Negan tee which both have the 'Half Your Shit/Stuff Tour' quote on which I love.
Like I say their Walking Dead range is huge so definitely go and check out all of their other stuff in the range too!

Shop my saviours tee here (which is currently in the sale might I add - for £12.99 😱)
Shop my Negan tee here (which is also in the sale - grab it for £14.99)

Like I mentioned a tiny bit above these guys are so awesome because not only do they do sales regularly but if you keep up with them on all of their social media page's they post very regularly different codes you can use to get discount! 
I have also been sharing their discount codes regularly so you can keep up with it on my page's too.

Thank you so much to EMP for sending me these goodies, I have loved working with this brand because they offer merchandise for so many TV Shows, Movies and Music which is the type of clothing and accessories that I personally love to wear! 
I hope to be working with these guys a lot more and can keep you all up to date with it!

EMP Social Media:

Hope you guys loved reading about my fav TV shows at the minute!
Let me know what your favs are??