Wednesday, 28 February 2018


First of all, let me just tell you that I am a huge sucker for all things stationery - I don't care what it is or most the time what it looks like but there's a pretty good chance that it's already made it into my basket. I just feel like it helps me with everything, I love trying to be an organised person (key word being 'trying')

I thought I would share with you my tricks and ways that I keep myself organised for my blog and just for day to day life. 

So I recently gave my favourite cactus journal from Paperchase a little makeover inside. I am a huge lover of bullet journalling and love to explore other people's bullet journal ideas on Pinterest which you can have a little browse through on my board below⇣

I tried to follow a simple lay out by splitting each page into three. I put a month in each section on the right hand side of the page, I then wrote in every day of the month and tried to keep the left hand side of the page free to jot in any notes for that specific month.
I then circled any days of the month with a red pen for any of my friends and families birthdays and made a note of what date is who's in red underneath. I grabbed a light blue pen to circle any holidays I may have planned and the same again just jotted down below where I am going on that date.
It's pretty simple but it did take me a little while, especially trying to keep everything neat and tidy.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it's just a great way of staying organised in everyday life.

I also use a variety of writing stationery - so I will always have highlighters, a ruler, a pencil, a few coloured pens (usually red, black, blue & orange) and I also keep a tip-ex mouse with me and some sticky tabs to mark out anything important. My other little fav at the minute is my Mickey Mouse planner clips that I recently bought from Etsy. I absolutely love these they come in a pack of three and I use one for my work's diary which keeps it open on the week so it's easier for me to find and I use the other one on my bullet journal to keep it open on my month page and the last one I actually gave to my Mam to use as a bookmark. They're just a good way of keeping organised and looking cute!

Now onto the blogging and I have found the perfect way to keep myself a lot more organised when it comes to my blog and planning my content. This year I promised to be more consistent and bring brand new content to my blog and to my other social feeds which I am definitely sticking to and one thing that is helping me is my Ultimate Blog Planner from Dot Creates
I have been using this for this year so far for my blog posts and my god what a game changer it is for bloggers! Basically it's set out with pages that have everything you need to jot down your ideas, post name, date you plan on publishing it and whether or not you've taken photos for this post and it's just great! I find it good for me because I can write down any ideas I have for future blog posts and then actually create the content and find it a lot easier when I come to type it up later. Bonus!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for keeping my life more organised. It is definitely such a great way of keeping my anxiety and stress levels low - after last weeks successful blog post sharing my tips on keeping my anxiety low which you can read here, I thought I would stick with the theme and just share different things I do that keep my anxiety as low as possible.
If you like this type of blog post let me know and I can definitely incorporate more into my feed!


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