Thursday, 22 February 2018


Cold nights are still here and I can not help but think - man I can not wait til summer arrives.
I am such a cold body and always find myself just wanting to have cosy nights in through winter, so I thought I would create a little list of my favourite things to do when I'm having a stay at home kinda day or night.

Feel good food The first and probably the most important thing for me to do is make some awesome food to eat or just pick up your favourite snacks. If I'm having a full day at home I do love to do some baking too, Jamie and I love to create all sorts of cool things in the kitchen and just your typical baking like cakes and brownies - yum.
My favourite thing to do is Nachos, I am a sucker for Nachos. They're such a great sharing snack (or meal but I mean I do personally class it as a snack) Jamie and I have Nachos all the time because we just love them so much and they're definitely a feel good type of food.

Comfort is key If I'm planning on staying in the house I pretty much never wear anything fancy, it's usually my pyjamas or loungewear because god why would you want to be sat chilling in jeans - you feel me? That is just painful to me.
The bun in my hair is in full force and my face is always makeup free, this is the only way for me. I am a tad lazy with makeup and hair anyway but I do put effort in if I'm off out somewhere but it's a definite no from me when it comes to my days off!

On the blog I love using my downtime to create! It is literally the perfect time for me to just switch off and write something. I don't always do this though because sometimes it's just great to completely switch off and not have to think about anything!
As I am currently writing this I am sat in bed with my laptop with YouTube just playing through in the background which leads me to my next fav↓

Watch something you love Whether that be YouTube, a series your into right now or just a movie. Do whichever one you feel like because for me what I watch is total dependant on my mood. 
Right now I am always between three things - YouTube, The Walking Dead or any Disney movie.
Whatever it is, put your feet up and enjoy it with your snacks.

Pamper yo' self The last thing I love to do is have a bath or a shower, wash my hair and whack a face mask on. It's definitely the best feeling to just chill out and feel fresh again after a face mask. 
Some of my favourites are:

I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into my favourite things to do when I'm having a stay at home kinda day. Let me know some of your favourite things to do in the comments.


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