Wednesday, 28 February 2018


First of all, let me just tell you that I am a huge sucker for all things stationery - I don't care what it is or most the time what it looks like but there's a pretty good chance that it's already made it into my basket. I just feel like it helps me with everything, I love trying to be an organised person (key word being 'trying')

I thought I would share with you my tricks and ways that I keep myself organised for my blog and just for day to day life. 

So I recently gave my favourite cactus journal from Paperchase a little makeover inside. I am a huge lover of bullet journalling and love to explore other people's bullet journal ideas on Pinterest which you can have a little browse through on my board below⇣

I tried to follow a simple lay out by splitting each page into three. I put a month in each section on the right hand side of the page, I then wrote in every day of the month and tried to keep the left hand side of the page free to jot in any notes for that specific month.
I then circled any days of the month with a red pen for any of my friends and families birthdays and made a note of what date is who's in red underneath. I grabbed a light blue pen to circle any holidays I may have planned and the same again just jotted down below where I am going on that date.
It's pretty simple but it did take me a little while, especially trying to keep everything neat and tidy.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it's just a great way of staying organised in everyday life.

I also use a variety of writing stationery - so I will always have highlighters, a ruler, a pencil, a few coloured pens (usually red, black, blue & orange) and I also keep a tip-ex mouse with me and some sticky tabs to mark out anything important. My other little fav at the minute is my Mickey Mouse planner clips that I recently bought from Etsy. I absolutely love these they come in a pack of three and I use one for my work's diary which keeps it open on the week so it's easier for me to find and I use the other one on my bullet journal to keep it open on my month page and the last one I actually gave to my Mam to use as a bookmark. They're just a good way of keeping organised and looking cute!

Now onto the blogging and I have found the perfect way to keep myself a lot more organised when it comes to my blog and planning my content. This year I promised to be more consistent and bring brand new content to my blog and to my other social feeds which I am definitely sticking to and one thing that is helping me is my Ultimate Blog Planner from Dot Creates
I have been using this for this year so far for my blog posts and my god what a game changer it is for bloggers! Basically it's set out with pages that have everything you need to jot down your ideas, post name, date you plan on publishing it and whether or not you've taken photos for this post and it's just great! I find it good for me because I can write down any ideas I have for future blog posts and then actually create the content and find it a lot easier when I come to type it up later. Bonus!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for keeping my life more organised. It is definitely such a great way of keeping my anxiety and stress levels low - after last weeks successful blog post sharing my tips on keeping my anxiety low which you can read here, I thought I would stick with the theme and just share different things I do that keep my anxiety as low as possible.
If you like this type of blog post let me know and I can definitely incorporate more into my feed!


Thursday, 22 February 2018


Cold nights are still here and I can not help but think - man I can not wait til summer arrives.
I am such a cold body and always find myself just wanting to have cosy nights in through winter, so I thought I would create a little list of my favourite things to do when I'm having a stay at home kinda day or night.

Feel good food The first and probably the most important thing for me to do is make some awesome food to eat or just pick up your favourite snacks. If I'm having a full day at home I do love to do some baking too, Jamie and I love to create all sorts of cool things in the kitchen and just your typical baking like cakes and brownies - yum.
My favourite thing to do is Nachos, I am a sucker for Nachos. They're such a great sharing snack (or meal but I mean I do personally class it as a snack) Jamie and I have Nachos all the time because we just love them so much and they're definitely a feel good type of food.

Comfort is key If I'm planning on staying in the house I pretty much never wear anything fancy, it's usually my pyjamas or loungewear because god why would you want to be sat chilling in jeans - you feel me? That is just painful to me.
The bun in my hair is in full force and my face is always makeup free, this is the only way for me. I am a tad lazy with makeup and hair anyway but I do put effort in if I'm off out somewhere but it's a definite no from me when it comes to my days off!

On the blog I love using my downtime to create! It is literally the perfect time for me to just switch off and write something. I don't always do this though because sometimes it's just great to completely switch off and not have to think about anything!
As I am currently writing this I am sat in bed with my laptop with YouTube just playing through in the background which leads me to my next fav↓

Watch something you love Whether that be YouTube, a series your into right now or just a movie. Do whichever one you feel like because for me what I watch is total dependant on my mood. 
Right now I am always between three things - YouTube, The Walking Dead or any Disney movie.
Whatever it is, put your feet up and enjoy it with your snacks.

Pamper yo' self The last thing I love to do is have a bath or a shower, wash my hair and whack a face mask on. It's definitely the best feeling to just chill out and feel fresh again after a face mask. 
Some of my favourites are:

I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into my favourite things to do when I'm having a stay at home kinda day. Let me know some of your favourite things to do in the comments.


Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Majority of 2017 was me figuring out the best ways to deal with my anxiety and what works well in my lifestyle and just generally for me. I feel that I did find that but only after time and with a little help from my therapist, showing me many ways how I could control it and what other things I could put into my life that would keep my anxiety low.

I have been great for the last few months as I have found certain things that really help me just get on with everyday life without having the overpowering worry which would stop me doing things.
I don't often share much about my experience with anxiety & OCD and how I deal with it on the daily but I certainly take the time myself to read other people's experiences with it via blogs to find out what works for them or just how they are managing their life right now and I find that really helps me out, so why not be more honest on here and let you in on my life hacks because you never know this could help you too.😁

I figured I could throw you some ideas how to keep any anxiety, worry, depression, OCD or anything you may struggle with yourself from ruling your life and just little ways you can prevent this from happening.

Let's talk caffeine I was a huge lover of coffee and found that I tended to start relying on it on the daily, I soon found out that this was a huge part of my panic. It sounds silly but I would go grab coffee pretty much every morning which would result in triggering my panic and worry which could lead to headaches and jitters - which I could probably do without. 
Now I try to only stick with drinking decaf coffee as it's kind of the same flavour but without all the side effects that I hated. 
Don't get me wrong, every now and then I do grab just a regular coffee but I kind of know when is best for me to do this. If I woke up one day feeling anxious/nervous with an extreme side order of tiredness I would love to grab a coffee but instead I'm good and I'll get myself a decaf.

Kalms Your probably thinking I've heard this all before take some Kalms it will help you big time but no, I am not going to drill this into you to make you think it's some kind of amazing cure for feeling anxious/worried because it isn't *I kinda wish it was though* 
I recently bought the new Kalms product which is the One-A-Day Lavender Oil Capsules and I'd done a lot of research on this product before buying it, it claimed to relieve any symptoms for anxiety sufferers. 
I don't know whether taking these are kind of a psychological thing because you do certainly feel less anxious whilst on the course of taking them. I have ran out of mine now and will definitely be repurchasing as I found that they where very helpful to me but maybe not for everyone.

Take a step back This is definitely a major key for me and majority of the time how I control if I'm feeling high anxiety or on the verge of a panic attack. I specifically learnt this from my therapist as I explained at one point how nervous I am being in an airport as I was counting down the days until I travelled to Florida. For me I don't get nervous flying or travelling but its the airport's I can not stand. I'm not certain as to what makes me like this but I did a lot of work and preparation to get me ready for my holiday.
I learnt that if I was ever feeling panicky and worried I would just take a step back out of the situation to breathe and consider what it is that's making me feel this way. It actually helps me a lot because once you have pin pointed this reason and brought yourself down from being so high in panic it's easier to go back into the situation feeling a lot better and with a clear head.
I still use this day to day and it really helps me in my everyday life.

Get those walking shoes on Honestly the best thing for me is just walking. Whether it be walking the dog, walking alone or with a friend it really helps to dust the cobwebs away and clear your mind. 
I usually walk my Grandma's dog for her once or twice a week so this just helps me feel refreshed and I think it just gives you time to reflect on things you may have been worrying about. 
For me I will always include this in my routine every week as I think it's just healthy for the mind.

Do something that makes YOU happy My number one for just helping me get through every day life is doing the things that you love. Don't be bothered by anyone that thinks what you might enjoy is stupid or boring to them because your doing something you love for yourself! 
I always like to do things that keeps my inner child happy so my boyfriend's family and I always try and do family nights together or days out to do something fun like rock-climbing, mini golf or just to go watch something new at the cinema. 
Jamie and I will often find an arcade and just be kids for the day - it is honestly my favourite thing to do and it just reminds me of being a child and having no worries in the world.
Remember - you are number 1 and put yourself and your mental health first as it's so important for everyone.

I hope that this post was informative for everyone, not just for people who suffer with mental health problems but for people that don't suffer too as you may have loved ones around you that will need your support and it is SO important to try and understand.
I've always tended to keep my mental health situation quite quiet and just kept it to myself for a long time, I'm not quite sure why but I think it's the worry of people who don't understand it but now I feel more confident to talk about it. Especially here on my blog because I can talk more freely and open about it as it is something of my own and hopefully this might help other people too.

Please leave me a comment below about anything you want, I will leave that open to you.
Ask me anything💗


Wednesday, 14 February 2018


I'm back! Can you forgive me for abandoning you and not adding anything new to my blog for 2 whole months?!😱

Well, I'm guessing if your reading this now you've already forgiven me and decided to come back and expect new and consistent content from me - I can promise you that this will definitely be happening.
Sometimes I feel that adult life can start to become too much at times and you let things slip, in my case I didn't post anything new on Instagram & my blog for a good while. 
I didn't do this because I couldn't be bothered to write anymore but more because I let other things get in my way and just found in my spare time I didn't really have anything to post - I consider this a kind of writing/creative block in this blogging world. Does anyone else go through this?

For now I have made a promise to myself that I am going to sit down 1-2 times a week and plan new content to be posting and actually make the time to sit down to create and write.
2018 will be the year I focus on everything I love, this being one of those things!

Enough of the serious chat for now, today I thought I'd sit down and share the skincare products I have been using for the last few months that have saved my skin.
I'm a little bit skincare obsessed so for me to find products and think 'YES, they are the ones' is quite a surprise for me because I often change up different products and enjoy trying out some new fad.

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush // I have had this spin brush for about 2 years now and just go back and forth with using it. If I'm really keeping on top of my skincare routine then I'll religiously use it every night and it makes my face feel so clean.
I find it works really well for me as I have quite oily skin and can get the odd blemish and just helps to clear it up and control my oil levels. I recently bought the anti blemish brush head for it too and I am loving it and can see a huge difference in my skin.

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser // This product links with the above as I do use both of these together. Every night I use a pea sized amount on my sonic brush and just let the brush do the work to make sure everywhere is super clean and fresh. I have used a lot of Kiehl's cleansers but just find that this is perfect for me and really suits my skin well.

Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On // This is an old favourite of mine that I have just rediscovered within the last couple of weeks and remembered how good it actually is. This is the perfect gel eye roll-on to wake up those tired eyes in the morning. I am an amazing sleeper at night but every morning my eyes always feel so tired, because this is a roll on product its so easy to apply as a bit of a base for my brightening eye cream and just wakes up my sleepy eyes.

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser // Next is my favourite moisturiser that I apply every morning after washing my face, this is perfect for me as it is oil free and just has an amazing scent that feels great when applying it in the morning. This use to be my go-to moisturiser for day to day use and I have just recently started using it again and it was definitely the best decision to add it back into my routine again.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream // Last but not least the last thing I apply in the morning is this beautiful eye cream from Origins. I have used this product every day for about 2 years now, it definitely holds a place in my heart. It does what it claims and refreshes my eyes in the morning after using my Simple Roll-On and it just wakes my eyes up and is great to use before applying makeup or just leaving it as it is and going about your day. 1 major factor that I love about this product is the size of the product and the amount of product you actually get inside, with it being an eye cream I use a tiny amount and still have so much left to use - winner!!

I just wanted to throw in my two products that I always use on a nighttime rather than using them on the morning like I do with the Moisturiser & Eye Creams above.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme // I love these nighttime pads and I use them occasionally on a night after I have washed my face, they're great for just balancing the oil in my skin and just help to brighten my skin when it's looking a little dull. I'm sure you get around 60 pads in a tub I pop them on my finger tips just to wipe over my skin.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum // I use the serum every night and I absolutely love it! It reduces the look of open pores, especially around my nose (where I tend to get them quite bad) and I just feel like it also helps to brighten up my skin and just keeps it feeling plump. It also has Aloe Vera in which I think is great because that helps to soothe any problems that you may have on your own skin.

Anyway guys, thats all from me today. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, keeping you up to date with my skincare favourites, let me know if you manage to try any of these products and let me know some of your favourites in the comments.

Until next time.