Sunday, 19 November 2017


Hey guys! So today you have the lovely treat of having some product reviews that I've been using lately while I sit and sip on my warm winter spice Ribena. So since the beginning of October I have been using Anatomicals - Phwoar! Not Straw restorative avocado and wheat germ hair mask &  No More White Bits instant tan and I'm going to tell you a bit more about them today.

So I am gonna start it off with the hair mask, I used this mask pretty much until there was nothing left of it as I loved it that much. The way I applied this mask was to shampoo my hair twice like I usually do (as I have a lot of hair) then run the mask through the ends of my hair and left it on for around 5-10minutes however, I'm sure you can leave it longer if you wish to. After this I will rinse off the mask and apply my own conditioner as usual.
I really loved using this product as I am a sucker for any hair product that is going to make my hair soft and silky and this definitely did that! It has an amazing smell and it just helps to restore all of the shine back into your hair. 
I think hair masks are definitely a great product to throw into your hair care routine. This mask retails for £6 and you only use a small amount so it definitely lasts a while.

Next up is the No More White Bits instant tan, now I am going to be completely honest here in saying when I first started using this product I really struggled to get a nice application BUT I think that is to do with the fact that I normally use a tanning mousse rather than a lotion.
After persevering with the tan I managed to get a good application with it and thought I would share my tips on how to use it.
1. Exfoliate! - So I think it is very important to exfoliate your whole body before putting on tan as it just removes any dead skin and helps to get a perfect application.
2. Moisturise the night before - I always think the next step after exfoliation is put on some moisturiser the night before you want to apply your tan just so that it adds more moisture into the skin and you've gave it chance to sink in.
3. Use a tanning mit! - This is such a vital part of info and obviously I'm sure a lot of people know already but I thought I would add this in. I was actually using an old tanning mit at first and then decided to buy a new mit and I found I had a much better application with that.
4. Less is more - I definitely found with this tan to just use a small amount at a time as you can always add more on top if you want to be darker in colour.

I was really happy with this tan when I managed to get used to using a tanning lotion rather than a mousse and as you can see from my picture above it gave me a lovely non-streaky colour that wasn't too dark but I definitely achieved a really good colour for me. An added bonus is that it doesn't have that usual biscuity smell that other tans do, so that's another thing that I did love about it - because who wants to smell like a McVities digestive biscuit anyway?

Thanks for reading my Anatomicals product review and if you want to try any of these products or anything else from Anatomicals you can get them at ASOS, Superdrug & Harvey Nichols.


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