Friday, 3 November 2017


Hey, hey! 
Usually I would never ever post on a Friday because I'm far too busy with work but this week I have actually managed to sit down and write something. YAY!
Even better that my new MacBook arrived last night so I can easily post now and I am just so happy about that😀

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Kiehl's Halloween Holiday Preview Event, so my friend Lucy and I met up and had a little wander along to the Kiehl's Boutique in Newcastle.
We arrived at the boutique around 5.15pm and were greeted by some of the lovely staff, we where told do grab a drink from The Botanist table which looked amazing.
We grabbed a Mocktail each and began to browse through the amazing Christmas collection!

↓ pictures below: The Botanist Table & Mocktails ↓

There was a full table with all of the Christmas collection to look at and also lots of cute little Halloween decorations, obviously with it being an event on Halloween night. 
In the Christmas collection there was Exfoliating Body Scrub Soaps, Creme De Corps, the best selling Midnight Recovery Oil and some other favourites in beautiful Christmas packaging. 

One of the main things I was VERY excited for was the Christmas Special Edition Creme De Corps in Mickey Mouse packaging - yes I said it... Mickey Mouse packaging!!
I am very excited for this to come out over Christmas as I think it would be a perfect gift for any skincare lover and Disney lover of course. They where a great size too!

↓ pictures below: Christmas Collection ↓

We where given an amazing goodie bag each filled with some mini products to try out and filled with samples to try. One thing I admire about Kiehl's is that they are never shy of handing out the samples if you are wanting to try anything. 
We ended up chatting away to the Manager of the Boutique who was lovely and she helped us both out with what skin type we where and advised us on some products we should try out and then handed us a handful each of those products to try on our skin!
I was so impressed by this because they really want you to love the product and know that it works for you before you invest in their products. 
They also have a 28 day policy being that if you find the product is not good for your skin you can return it within this time which I think is great, there's been many times I've picked up skincare from recommendation and it's just not been good for my skin.
Kiehl's also have a great recycling scheme, so you keep all your empty products and 1 empty bottle = 1 stamp. 10 stamps allow you to get 1 travel sized product which is fab as I think a brand that does recycling is always a bonus!

All in all we had a great night chatting to the staff and browsing the beautiful new collection and their other products, it really was a lovely little event. 
So, thank you to the guys at Kiehl's Newcastle Boutique for inviting us and for putting on a great Preview Event!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post for this week!
Let me know what you did for Halloween?

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