Wednesday, 8 November 2017


I did a similar post last month for October and it went down well, I know a lot of people where asking where I was going pumpkin picking so that they could go so I thought I would do the same for November and I definitely will be doing one for December! (Christmas time yeyuh!)

The first thing I did in November was to go to our local Firework display on the 5th November on Bonfire Night and I had the best time, there was around 5 of us that went we grabbed a bite to eat at my house and wandered along to the display where we watched the fireworks, waved sparklers around and bopped along to some music. I was going to include this in my to-do list but seen as though it was very early on in November but I thought not. So here goes, my to-do list for November:

1. Start my Christmas shopping
This is a must for me and I do kinda wish I started it earlier but a lot of my family don't actually tell me what they want till around this time so there would be no point starting. My best friend and I have already set a date to go Christmas shopping so I'm hoping to get the bulk of it done then.

2. Christmas Spotify playlist!!
So last year I created THE BEST Christmas playlist on Spotify (if I do say so myself) so this is going to be the start of all the Christmas tunes. Is it too soon if I put my Christmas playlist on the blog ⇢
Let me know but I'm just eager to get in the spirit.

3. Buy some Christmas PJ's💗
I only really buy 1 pair of Christmas jarmies every year because I have that many other ones I'd end up with too many! So I'm looking forward to some new Christmas jarmies, my last years ones where from M&S and I still love them to this day. SO FLUFFY!

4. Drink lots of hot drinks
My ultimate fav is the Hot Spiced Apple from Costa Coffee, they had this drink on over Christmas maybe two years ago now and it was amazing! I went back a year later to order one thinking it would be back again but no, they had replaced it with some awful hot mulled wine.😞
I was so happy when I saw that this year they where bringing my favourite drink back, so I will be consuming plenty of them to make up for lost time.

5. Autumnal walks & days out
I will definitely be making the most of the rest of Autumn and having lots of days and walks out with family and friends in preparation for the Winter to come along when I will most likely be hibernating and having a lot of cosy days!

I hope you've loved reading this little blog post, let me know what you've got done in November!


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