Tuesday, 24 October 2017


It is possible that you may of already seen this on my Instagram on Sunday but if you didn't I thought I would tell you all about my trip out with family to Birchfield Ice Cream farm where we got to pick our own Pumpkins.

I found Birchfield Ice Cream farm on Facebook at the beginning of October because I had it installed in my head that this year I will be indulging in all things fall and doing as many things as possible, one of them being pumpkin picking. 😉
We managed to get to the farm around 11.30am and it was definitely a great idea that we all decided to take our wellies with us because our weekend had been a tad rainy, however Sunday was a fairly decent day for weather just slightly windy.
We started by going straight to the huge field where all the pumpkins where at, we grabbed a wheel barrow for us and started the hunt to find the perfect pumpkins.
We had a good wander around and managed to find a pumpkin each, which we all took back to the pumpkin wash to clean off any mud. They got measured for price and I think they where all around £4.00 each to buy.

After, we walked back towards the car and headed straight to the barn where you could set up on a straw bail and carve your own pumpkins. We had such a laugh doing this and the concentration steaming from us all was ridiculous😂 We all carved very different faces but all of them where amazing and we where well impressed with what we had produced.

The next thing we managed to do was feeding the pigs, my boyfriend was over the moon when she told us we could do this because he absolutely loves pigs! We got to see the pigs, cows, sheep and even some goats too. I am a huge animal love so this for me was an added bonus.

The only thing we didn't manage to do was use the 'Corn Cannon' which they'd put all over there Facebook page so we where all very excited and looking forward to trying it out, but with the wind being high that day we couldn't do it which was a shame. But we did still have an amazing day out!
I will add all of the amazing pictures I took that day💛
Hopefully if you live near by to the farm you will be able to go and experience this yourself it was a lovely day. I think you have til the 31st October to get your pumpkins at the farm!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post and love the pictures that I took from our day out on Sunday!
Let me know if you've managed to go pumpkin picking yet or if your planning on it?



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