Monday, 16 October 2017


So today on my Instagram stories I ran a poll of what blog post you would like from me today and yes by a very close call the winner was a Halloween Home Haul YEY!
I thought I would share with you what I've picked up for Halloween and where I've found them.
I'm not sure I need to keep telling you, because you will most likely already know that this is my favourite time of year and I like to make the most of it!

So the first place I stopped by to grab some bits 'n' bobs is the famous Homesense, known for it's amazing and affordable Halloween decorations. I was a little disappointed with our store, it's the closest one to where I live and was still around 45/50 minutes away and everything was just kind of placed all over so my friend and I actually struggled to find Halloween items. After a while looking round we found a few things each and we where definitely very lucky to come across some Halloween stuff as there was only limited stock.
The first thing I grabbed was Olivia Blake London - Wild Pumpkin & Nutmeg 3 wick candle, this candle honestly smells amazing and both my friend and I managed to grab one each! This has just replaced my Bath & Body Works - Leaves candle as I've been burning that since September and has sadly finished.πŸ˜”
The next thing I grabbed is my favourite thing that I got from Homesense and that is my Clear Pumpkin Decoration there was tonnes of these pumpkin decorations around the store but most of them where coloured and I spotted this clear one and it was the only one available so I just had to get it! I think it's a beautiful decoration and I absolutely love it.
My last pick was my Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bowl I literally found this bowl right near the checkouts along with some other awesome stuff but I did just pick up this and I'm so glad I found it. I have filled it with sweets and it's good to go. It has a cute little pumpkin face on one side and then 'Happy Halloween' on the other. Love it!

Hobbycraft is one of my favourite stores, I love just browsing around and especially when they have they're seasonal aisles available. My friend and I went straight to Hobbycraft after Homesense as we where just dying to go check out their Halloween decs. I actually only picked up one thing which was two of these cute little Halloween Candle Holders I actually bought some battery operated tea-lights to pop inside. I bought two to pop them either side of the windowsill and they look so good when they're lit up!

 Home Bargains
I am so glad I went into Home Bargains in hope they had some amazing Halloween items in and they did not fail me and I was so surprised as there was so much to choose from!
First up I picked up two Pumpkin Candle Melts I absolutely love these so much and they're such great value for what I paid for them, they where around £2.99 each how awesome!
They came with a melt in the top which actually smells amazing and you can just pop a little tealight underneath. I grabbed two because I just thought they where so great.
Next I picked up some little Orange Glittery Spiders these where about 69p each I think you got 4 in a pack and I just thought they where so cute to put about, I actually managed to hook a couple onto the slots on my lightbox they look amazing!
Next I picked up Wickford & Co - Halloween candle which I had spotted on someone's Instagram and I just had to find it. This candle smells so good and I was so surprised that it did considering it was pretty cheap. I will definitely be going back and grabbing some of their other candles that they do for Christmas too.
The last thing I picked up was my Pink Halloween Bat Wreath I had hunted so many stores to find a Halloween wreath as my friend got an amazing one from Aldi, so when I spotted this beautiful wreath I had to get it. I've not yet managed to put it on the door yet but it will be up very soon!


I popped to ASDA around 3 weeks ago to find that there Halloween aisle was very bare and last year I remembered there being so many things! However, I went back to ASDA last week to find that they had filled the rest of the aisle just like last year to find tonnes of Halloween things. HOORAY!
I didn't pick up much but grabbed some new Pumpkin Fairy lights I really loved these for only £3, they kind of pop out like little 3D pumpkins. You can find these lights in my photo's above.

Bath & Body Works
As I'm sure you know I came back from Florida one whole month ago nowπŸ˜“ I can't believe how fast this time has gone by, it feels like only two minutes ago. Anyway, whilst in Florida I'm sure you already know I picked up quite a lot of things from Bath & Body Works but what I forgot to include was this little cutie. Pumpkin Apple Candle I totally forgot to add this in my haul because it's so tiny but it managed to make it into this haul so all is fine!

So that's about it so far I say so far because who knows what I might see but yes that is it for my Halloween home haul. Let me know what you love the most from my picks?
Thanks for reading!


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