Monday, 2 October 2017


Can you believe it's my favourite month already!?
October is that great month where leaves start to fall and those autumnal colours really start to come through and I am so freakin' excited about it!

I have already made so many plans for October which are so perfect for the season, so I thought I'd share with you some of the exciting things I have planned for October.

1 - Pumpkin Picking I am so excited for this, I have found a local farm where you can go and pick your own pumpkins take them back and learn how to carve them or just simply take them home and do what you wish with them. We have picked a date in the middle of October before Halloween to head to the farm and have a great day carving pumpkins and taking a hayride. I honestly can't think of anything better to do this month!

2 - Festival of Light So every year at this time in Sunderland we have a Festival of Light at Roker Park and it's just a little tradition that my family have had to check out the amazing lights. I always feel so cosy & snug when I'm there and it's just the perfect feel good tradition.
This year they have a few Disney additions which is definitely a bonus!

3 - Cosy Days Obviously I had to include this on my to-do list! Leaves candle burning, binge-watching Gilmore Girls & Coffee. I am going to be spending many days off having cosy time doing all of the above. It's a perfect setting for me to sit and write a blog post because I am at my calmest and it's just the perfect day for me.

4 - Friends Forever I am going to have numerous amounts of mate dates this month and also my best friend comes back from holiday next week and I can guarantee that we are going to have so many days out shopping and exploring as she is the exact same as me and just loves this time of year!

5 - Content! The last thing on my to-do list for this month is to plan and create some amazing content for my blog and Instagram, I'm really loving my cute Insta theme and all the autumnal vibes so I really wanna continue with my consistency and just add so many awesome posts to both feeds!
I love to push myself and I have so many great ideas so I'm very excited to share those with you!
I'm hoping to be uploading a little autumn/halloween haul soon as I have been picking up a few things and I'd love to share what I've bought.

Hope you loved reading this, let me know what you have planned for October.

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