Tuesday, 24 October 2017


It is possible that you may of already seen this on my Instagram on Sunday but if you didn't I thought I would tell you all about my trip out with family to Birchfield Ice Cream farm where we got to pick our own Pumpkins.

I found Birchfield Ice Cream farm on Facebook at the beginning of October because I had it installed in my head that this year I will be indulging in all things fall and doing as many things as possible, one of them being pumpkin picking. ๐Ÿ˜‰
We managed to get to the farm around 11.30am and it was definitely a great idea that we all decided to take our wellies with us because our weekend had been a tad rainy, however Sunday was a fairly decent day for weather just slightly windy.
We started by going straight to the huge field where all the pumpkins where at, we grabbed a wheel barrow for us and started the hunt to find the perfect pumpkins.
We had a good wander around and managed to find a pumpkin each, which we all took back to the pumpkin wash to clean off any mud. They got measured for price and I think they where all around £4.00 each to buy.

After, we walked back towards the car and headed straight to the barn where you could set up on a straw bail and carve your own pumpkins. We had such a laugh doing this and the concentration steaming from us all was ridiculous๐Ÿ˜‚ We all carved very different faces but all of them where amazing and we where well impressed with what we had produced.

The next thing we managed to do was feeding the pigs, my boyfriend was over the moon when she told us we could do this because he absolutely loves pigs! We got to see the pigs, cows, sheep and even some goats too. I am a huge animal love so this for me was an added bonus.

The only thing we didn't manage to do was use the 'Corn Cannon' which they'd put all over there Facebook page so we where all very excited and looking forward to trying it out, but with the wind being high that day we couldn't do it which was a shame. But we did still have an amazing day out!
I will add all of the amazing pictures I took that day๐Ÿ’›
Hopefully if you live near by to the farm you will be able to go and experience this yourself it was a lovely day. I think you have til the 31st October to get your pumpkins at the farm!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post and love the pictures that I took from our day out on Sunday!
Let me know if you've managed to go pumpkin picking yet or if your planning on it?



Monday, 16 October 2017


So today on my Instagram stories I ran a poll of what blog post you would like from me today and yes by a very close call the winner was a Halloween Home Haul YEY!
I thought I would share with you what I've picked up for Halloween and where I've found them.
I'm not sure I need to keep telling you, because you will most likely already know that this is my favourite time of year and I like to make the most of it!

So the first place I stopped by to grab some bits 'n' bobs is the famous Homesense, known for it's amazing and affordable Halloween decorations. I was a little disappointed with our store, it's the closest one to where I live and was still around 45/50 minutes away and everything was just kind of placed all over so my friend and I actually struggled to find Halloween items. After a while looking round we found a few things each and we where definitely very lucky to come across some Halloween stuff as there was only limited stock.
The first thing I grabbed was Olivia Blake London - Wild Pumpkin & Nutmeg 3 wick candle, this candle honestly smells amazing and both my friend and I managed to grab one each! This has just replaced my Bath & Body Works - Leaves candle as I've been burning that since September and has sadly finished.๐Ÿ˜”
The next thing I grabbed is my favourite thing that I got from Homesense and that is my Clear Pumpkin Decoration there was tonnes of these pumpkin decorations around the store but most of them where coloured and I spotted this clear one and it was the only one available so I just had to get it! I think it's a beautiful decoration and I absolutely love it.
My last pick was my Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bowl I literally found this bowl right near the checkouts along with some other awesome stuff but I did just pick up this and I'm so glad I found it. I have filled it with sweets and it's good to go. It has a cute little pumpkin face on one side and then 'Happy Halloween' on the other. Love it!

Hobbycraft is one of my favourite stores, I love just browsing around and especially when they have they're seasonal aisles available. My friend and I went straight to Hobbycraft after Homesense as we where just dying to go check out their Halloween decs. I actually only picked up one thing which was two of these cute little Halloween Candle Holders I actually bought some battery operated tea-lights to pop inside. I bought two to pop them either side of the windowsill and they look so good when they're lit up!

 Home Bargains
I am so glad I went into Home Bargains in hope they had some amazing Halloween items in and they did not fail me and I was so surprised as there was so much to choose from!
First up I picked up two Pumpkin Candle Melts I absolutely love these so much and they're such great value for what I paid for them, they where around £2.99 each how awesome!
They came with a melt in the top which actually smells amazing and you can just pop a little tealight underneath. I grabbed two because I just thought they where so great.
Next I picked up some little Orange Glittery Spiders these where about 69p each I think you got 4 in a pack and I just thought they where so cute to put about, I actually managed to hook a couple onto the slots on my lightbox they look amazing!
Next I picked up Wickford & Co - Halloween candle which I had spotted on someone's Instagram and I just had to find it. This candle smells so good and I was so surprised that it did considering it was pretty cheap. I will definitely be going back and grabbing some of their other candles that they do for Christmas too.
The last thing I picked up was my Pink Halloween Bat Wreath I had hunted so many stores to find a Halloween wreath as my friend got an amazing one from Aldi, so when I spotted this beautiful wreath I had to get it. I've not yet managed to put it on the door yet but it will be up very soon!


I popped to ASDA around 3 weeks ago to find that there Halloween aisle was very bare and last year I remembered there being so many things! However, I went back to ASDA last week to find that they had filled the rest of the aisle just like last year to find tonnes of Halloween things. HOORAY!
I didn't pick up much but grabbed some new Pumpkin Fairy lights I really loved these for only £3, they kind of pop out like little 3D pumpkins. You can find these lights in my photo's above.

Bath & Body Works
As I'm sure you know I came back from Florida one whole month ago now๐Ÿ˜“ I can't believe how fast this time has gone by, it feels like only two minutes ago. Anyway, whilst in Florida I'm sure you already know I picked up quite a lot of things from Bath & Body Works but what I forgot to include was this little cutie. Pumpkin Apple Candle I totally forgot to add this in my haul because it's so tiny but it managed to make it into this haul so all is fine!

So that's about it so far I say so far because who knows what I might see but yes that is it for my Halloween home haul. Let me know what you love the most from my picks?
Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Not going to lie at the minute I feel like I'm in a little fuzz with blogging, I have a full diary page with ideas jotted down that I could easily pick from however there's just something in the back of my mind that I'm just finding it difficult to choose an idea from my book. Maybe it's because I'm trying to achieve perfection, but what actually is the perfect blog post?
So I decided to choose something that I consider as the perfect post and just really wanted to talk about, that actually wasn't on my list.

I have been having an amazing Autumn so far I've done some great things that have just made me so happy and that's why it's been my favourite time of year so far and why it will always be my favourite time of year.
About a week ago that song is now in my head I posted 5 things on my October to-do list and if you haven't read that already then I suggest you do๐Ÿ˜ as I was saying, after last weeks post on my to-do list I thought I would share what I have been doing during Autumn already that have just made me a much happier person. Being a person who deals with anxiety, I find it very important to make sure I do the things that really push my boundaries but in the end make me so happy!

Autumn Trails 
The thing I've probably been doing the most is having Autumn walks either with myself, my doggy or Jamie - my boyfriend. There's just something about being wrapped up warm on a colder day and finding a beautiful place to just wander round. Jamie and I usually take this as an advantage to take some amazing Autumny shots!

Seasonal Drinks
This is such a random one from me but what would Autumn be without a good old Pumpkin Spice Latte!? I make sure I drink as many as possible during Autumn/Fall and plus PSL's at Starbucks don't stay around that long which is the worst!
I recently found a company that sell some awesome flavours of instant coffee so I had to try some out. I got of course 2 tubs of Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon & Hazelnut, Chocolate Mint, Winter Warmer and Gingerbread!! Ahhhh all of the seasonal flavours though!

Fall Fashion
Of course one of the things that makes me feel better is the Autumn fashion picks! I love all of the colours and vibes throughout Autumn. I've picked up some great things from the likes of ASOS, Tesco - F&F Clothing, Zara and Marks & Spencer.
Knitted hats & jumpers, scarves, coats and boots!
Check out my blog post with some of my picks for Fall/Autumn.

Home Candles
How could I write this post without sharing my love for autumnal candles and just how perfect the scents are. I have definitely picked up my fair share of candles this season and I'm not too sure how I'm going to get through them but who cares because I'll probably end up burning them all year round.
Here are some of the candles I've picked up:
Bath & Body Works - Sweater Weather
Bath & Body Works - Leaves
Bath & Body Works - Marshmallow Fireside
Bath & Body Works - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 
Olivia Blake London - Wild Pumpkin & Nutmeg
Wickford & Co - Halloween
Chesapeake Bay Candles - Autumn Hayride

I hope you loved reading this post and I'm loving just sharing with you my love for Autumn!๐Ÿ’›
Let me know what you've been doing in Autumn so far?


Thursday, 5 October 2017


Ah yes, the long awaited beauty post that you may have been waiting for.
Recently I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing 9 piece Beauty Guru box from Latest in Beauty and I simply can not wait to share with you what I picked to try in my box.

Latest in Beauty is a new brand to me that offer monthly subscription boxes & one off boxes where you can choose either collections from their website or you can create your own box. I can honestly say that I have loved receiving this box and using all of the products that I tried out. 
There is a huge range of products to choose from and some amazing brands e.g. Origins, Caudalie, The Body Shop and many more! 
I will definitely be grabbing some of these boxes again as I love to try out new things and that way you can find out what works for you and find out the bits your really love. So I thought I would share with you what I chose to be in my box๐Ÿ˜€

The Body Shop - Oils of Life
I have wanted to try out this product for so long now, I absolutely love The Body Shop and have tried so many products of theirs so this one was a must-have for me. SO this product has been an absolute fav in my box and let me tell you why, I have been adding two drops of this oil to my foundation and my god, what an absolutely incredible idea (if I do say so myself). I did originally try this product on it's own first and I loved it but I think I'm pretty much going to keep this for using in my foundation only!

ESPA - Overnight Hydration Therapy 
Again I love this product. Its rich, its intense and its moisturising - everything it claims its going to do it does! I've been using this mask every now and then after taking my makeup off and when I feel my skin needs just a little lovin.

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum & Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet
So I added this guy to my box along with their moisturiser which was definitely a wise move as you are supposed to use the serum before the moisturise so I have been using both morning and night and my skin feels awesome from using them!
Its nice to have a serum and moisturiser together in your routine and like I say it feels great on my skin after and it's just a perfect duo.
Both products I have wanted to try for a long time just never managed to pick them up and I just love Caudalie they have some amazing products and they smell A-MAZE-ING!!

Kitsch Hair Ties
I kind of just picked these as a filler because originally I picked so many skincare products for my box then had to give myself a little pep talk to try some new bits, so I grabbed these guys and I must say I am really impressed - I love them!
I have seen this style hair ties for a while now and didn't really understand the hype but they are such a cute, fun way of dressing up your pony!!

Radox - Matcha Green Tea & Coconut Water Body Wash
This was also a little bit of a random pick for me but I love Matcha so I thought why not?!
I can tell you now this body wash smells incredible, its so refreshing and just a gorgeous scent.
My only issue with this product is that it does claim to last for 12 hours and I don't find the smell lasts that long, maybe 4-6 hours but certainly not 12. Other than that I love this body wash.

NUXE - Precious Scented Shimmering Shower Oil
This was probably the first product I found where it was abit meh?
The thing I loved about it was the shimmer in it is so lovely, however I just can't get away with the smell of this product. I don't know what it is about it but it just has this kinda granny smell and I'm just not sure BUT I would still use this product because the shimmer is pretty nice!

Origins - Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion
Now let me just start with the fact that I love Origins!
I have used quite a lot of Origins products before and pretty much loved every one of them and this product did not disappoint. It is a lovely gentle exfoliate which leaves my skin feeling clean and almost new (I know that's kinda weird but I hope you know what I mean). I haven't used the product a lot because I don't like exfoliating too much but I feel like you could get away with using it more if you wanted to because it is so gentle.

HASK - Smoothing Shine Hair Oil
Last but certainly not least is this beautiful hair oil from HASK. I do love a good hair oil and I have enjoyed using this one because I am pretty basic and lazy with my hair and I'm happy to admit that but this oil has definitely made a difference to my hair. After washing my hair I will give it a little towel dry, comb it through and pop some oil on the ends of my hair. It makes my hair feel a lot smoother and looks a lot shinier which is great especially when you have thick, course hair like mine!!

I've added below where you can shop these products if you want to try any out for yourself but you can obviously add these into your Latest in Beauty box if you want to try them out for yourself first before buying the full size products.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about my Latest in Beauty box and finding out what I think about it. If you want to find them on Instagram you can here and you can also head to their website here.
Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, 3 October 2017


I was mooching on Pinterest the other day and came across a picture of some movies to watch in October and I couldn't help but jump on this bandwagon and let you know what movies I love to watch this time of year.
October is my favourite month with Halloween and all, so it's more likely that I am going to be sat at home watching more movies than I would normally especially Halloween & Horror movies. 
So I thought I would create a list of movies I am definitely going to be watching in October.

Hocus Pocus - Number 1 on my list has got to be my all time favourite, Hocus Pocus. This is definitely a must watch during this time of year and I actually tend to watch it more than once because I love it so much. It's just one of those feel good films to get you in the spirit.

Young Frankenstein - This film just reminds me of my childhood, my Dad would often make us watch this film as I think it was one of his favourites and it wasn't until I got older that I actually started to appreciate the film and think it's hilarious. Definitely a great classic to watch.

Halloweentown - I can honestly say that I have never actually watched this movie before, so I am very much looking forward to sitting down and watching something new over this month!
I have heard a mix of good and bad things, so I'm wanting to see what the fuss is all about.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Ah yes, the other movie besides Hocus Pocus that I watch many times during October. I absolutely love Tim Burton movies so this is definitely a favourite of mine. I'm probably going to watch it very soon after writing this post as I'm just so excited to watch it for the first time this year.

It (the original movie) - I recently went to the cinema to watch the new It movie and I did enjoy it however I've heard a lot of people saying that the original is so much better and a lot scarier, so I've decided to make that comparison myself. I didn't actually find the new film scary but it was jumpy with a bit of humour, other than that I didn't find it scary at all. So that is why the original It has made it on my list!

Scary Movie - I have not watched this movie in soooo long and I'm actually so excited to re-watch it, I always love watching a movie again when you haven't seen it in such a long time! I love this film it's just such a fun film to watch and especially over Halloween time. I very much doubt I will watch any of the other scary movies as I just didn't enjoy those films as much as I loved the first film.

Corpse Bride - Another great Tim Burton movie, that I've actually only managed to watch once so again I am very looking forward to sitting down and watching it. I can't really remember much of the movie from originally watching it but if it follows the likes of Nightmare Before Christmas then I'm sure I will love it.

The Haunted Mansion - I completely forgot about this film and then I realised that it's my boyfriend and I's favourite ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom and it just made me really excited to watch it together. I think Eddie Murphy is great and love watching any film he is in and this film just reminds me of my childhood as I used to watch it so many times then because I classed it as a 'scary film'๐Ÿ˜‚

Halloween - So I'm just going to throw it out there and tell you that I've never actually watched Halloween before. Before this year I will admit that I was never really a big fan of horror movies but I am definitely a lot braver than I was and find that I actually enjoy them now. I am definitely excited to watch this movie but now I just need to work on my boyfriend to try and convince him to watch it with me.

Edward Scissorhands - I'm not too sure whether this movie can be classed as a Halloween movie but I really, really just love this movie. I think it ties in with the Halloween season and that's why I chose it for this list. Once again Tim Burton has made it on my list because his movies are just freakin' awesome.

After writing this post it's got me so excited for just sitting down and picking a movie from this list to watch throughout October. I will most likely watch them all and some of them more than once but I am definitely open to suggestions of what other movies to watch. 

Let me know what your favourite movies to watch this time of year are and I'll definitely give them a go!!

Hope you loved reading this post.


Monday, 2 October 2017


Can you believe it's my favourite month already!?
October is that great month where leaves start to fall and those autumnal colours really start to come through and I am so freakin' excited about it!

I have already made so many plans for October which are so perfect for the season, so I thought I'd share with you some of the exciting things I have planned for October.

1 - Pumpkin Picking I am so excited for this, I have found a local farm where you can go and pick your own pumpkins take them back and learn how to carve them or just simply take them home and do what you wish with them. We have picked a date in the middle of October before Halloween to head to the farm and have a great day carving pumpkins and taking a hayride. I honestly can't think of anything better to do this month!

2 - Festival of Light So every year at this time in Sunderland we have a Festival of Light at Roker Park and it's just a little tradition that my family have had to check out the amazing lights. I always feel so cosy & snug when I'm there and it's just the perfect feel good tradition.
This year they have a few Disney additions which is definitely a bonus!

3 - Cosy Days Obviously I had to include this on my to-do list! Leaves candle burning, binge-watching Gilmore Girls & Coffee. I am going to be spending many days off having cosy time doing all of the above. It's a perfect setting for me to sit and write a blog post because I am at my calmest and it's just the perfect day for me.

4 - Friends Forever I am going to have numerous amounts of mate dates this month and also my best friend comes back from holiday next week and I can guarantee that we are going to have so many days out shopping and exploring as she is the exact same as me and just loves this time of year!

5 - Content! The last thing on my to-do list for this month is to plan and create some amazing content for my blog and Instagram, I'm really loving my cute Insta theme and all the autumnal vibes so I really wanna continue with my consistency and just add so many awesome posts to both feeds!
I love to push myself and I have so many great ideas so I'm very excited to share those with you!
I'm hoping to be uploading a little autumn/halloween haul soon as I have been picking up a few things and I'd love to share what I've bought.

Hope you loved reading this, let me know what you have planned for October.

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