Wednesday, 27 September 2017


I am finally feeling back into full swing of creating content for my blog and Instagram after my lovely two weeks off. It's actually been so lovely to get back and start off my routine again, considering I was dreading coming home and wanted to stay in Florida.πŸ˜‚

I think a lot of things have contributed to that though, one of them being that it is now Autumn/Fall and that is *if some of you didn't know already* my favourite season!
The colours, the weather, the fashion, everything about it just makes it the best season. 
With me also getting back from Florida where it was 32°C almost everyday it's definitely nice to be home in the chilly weather and be wearing jumpers and sweaters!
I have already kicked off my Autumnal Instagram theme which I absolutely love and get so excited to post something else that ties in with them, I have so many ideas for it!

What I really wanted to write about today is some things that I love that would be so great for Autumn/Fall, that could be clothes, shoes, accessories but basically anything. This time of year, right at the beginning of Autumn you obviously start browsing for things that are suitable for this season. 
So I thought I would share with you some of the things I have seen and have added them to my wishlist.

I tend to browse on the likes of ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Missguided and some others but those always seem to be the best places to grab some bargains and some beautiful additions for your Autumn wardrobe.

I've made four different wishlists - clothing, accessories, coats and shoes.
I thought I would do this rather than jamming everything into one and then I can sort of talk about each category and what type of vibes i'm going for.

So hopefully you've had a little flick through on the clothing that I am loving for fall. I feel like my vibes are very slouchy, cosy and cute which is definitely a good thing and I really love those kind of vibes.
The colours are actually quite simple and just your boring black, white, brown and grey but that's okay with me, I am liking those colours and definitely don't want to be wearing really bright colours for fall.
I am definitely going to be wearing a lot of knitwear during the autumn/winter months as it gets very cold very quickly in the UK. It's almost as if it's bye bye summer hello autumn straight away and we get hit in the face with the cold weather but like I say I'm okay with that.


So as you can probably already tell this time of year I am obsessed with wearing boots! They're definitely up there with trainers - favourite type of shoe to wear as I'm very fussy when it comes to shoes and I definitely like what I like.
I love a chunky boot for autumn & winter because I just think they can dress up any outfit and turn it just a bit more exciting and what other time of year can you get away with wearing so many boots!


With accessories I feel like it's the part that is adding the colour to my outfits for autumn/fall. It consists of a lot of chunky, oversized scarves that will add that lil' extra something you need to make an outfit perfect.
One of my favourite accessories for autumn/fall is bobble hats as I just think they're so cute and I just love to wear them throughout the colder seasons.


*drool*  Just how amazing are these coats & jackets! I am just a sucker for being wrapped up warm but still looking awesome.
I clearly love a biker style jacket however I definitely love going for a full long length coat too!
I just love being able to have so many coats to wear during autumn and winter, I think I must get it off my grandma as she is and always has been obsessed with buying coats!

So that just about wraps up my autumn/fall fashion wishlists for this year and I am definitely going to be doing a post like this for winter too as I love to do online shopping and it gives me ideas for fashion for the season!
Let me know what your favourite fashion item is for autumn?😁

I hope you loved reading this and like I say I am back in full swing with all of my posts! YEY


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