Monday, 11 September 2017


I am currently sat in our hotel lobby which is based on Universal Studios Resort watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, which sounds pretty perfect right?!
On a normal basis it probably would be pretty perfect for Jamie and I as we are huge Harry Potter geeks and have been spending a lot of time in Florida visiting the Wizarding World, using our interactive wands, eating cauldron cakes and drinking butter beer!

So we touched down in Orlando on Monday 4th September and are staying here for 14 nights which is absolutely amazing and had plans on visiting all of Disney World, Universal Studios, Waterparks, Malls and more! From Tuesday we had word of a hurricane coming straight towards Florida after hitting the likes of the carribean islands. 
Initially it was a panic for me and we had to make sure we had supplies so we had two successful trips to Walmart to ensure we had enough food and drink if we where told we had to stay in our hotel room. 

Every morning we checked the news before starting our day in the parks, information was changing as no one really knew which path Irma was going to take. 
Originally Irma was to hit the south and travel up the west coast so it was a little relief for us as we thought it wasn't going to effect us too much. We had a lot of reassurance from everyone listening to the news back home, however the news here changed daily so for us we didn't really know what to expect.

Friday arrived and we enjoyed a perfect day in Disney's Magic Kingdom, it was very quiet considering it is usually one of the busiest parks but I think everyone was getting well prepared for the incoming storm.

Saturday was our last day being able to explore the parks so we decided to stay close to the hotel and stay in Universal Studios as we where warned that from Saturday at 7pm the parks where to be closed until Tuesday! 
We got an early night and arrived back around 6pm and where told we where to pretty much stay put from then for two days to be as safe as we could be.
I think that was when it started to get a little bit real for us, we continued to listen to the news and see what was happening and where it was. By Sunday the winds had really picked up and we had to sit through a very miserable, rainy day outside but we where definitely safe but also definitely bored! 

Last night from around 8pm the weather really kicked in. 
We watched the news channel and had been warned that the eye of the hurricane had changed path and was heading right through Orlando. By 9pm we decided to up our things from the bed and the room and keep safe in our bathroom, we managed to make a little bed for us however it was VERY uncomfortable. 
We both woke around 2am when the wind speeds had reached around 100mph so we decided to stay put but we checked on the news and when the eye had almost passed we had made a great decision of moving back in our comfy bed.

We woke again at 7.30am and realised everything had calmed down a lot but there was a lot of trees down in our area and things had been blown all over with the speed of the wind. Luckily it has now stopped raining and winds speeds are slowing and I am so grateful that we are safe and our hotel has also been amazing. 
It was a very frightening experience and I'm so glad that we are out of the worst now but I pray for everyone that lives in Florida and has had to be evacuated over the last week and I hope there is little damage.

Thanks to everyone who has asked about us we are very safe and well looked after however last night for me was a lot to handle so thank you again for all the kind words.
I thought I would write this just to let everyone know how it was for us and that we are completely fine.
In regards to people asking if we are going to claim about our holiday or what are we going to do?
We are going to do nothing now but enjoy the rest of our holiday from tomorrow when we are allowed back out to enjoy everything and do all the things we love! We love Orlando so much and this would definitely not change a thing for us. 
We will not complain about anything as it's nobody's fault, it was a natural disaster and they happen an awful lot in Florida.
I feel for the people who where affected here in Florida and the other countries that Irma hit and I pray for them that they are safe.

I apologies about this post being very basic but I thought I would touch on this serious subject and I have typed this all up using my phoneπŸ“±

I will be back writing my usual post's as soon I'm back from Florida in about 10 days time❤️


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