Monday, 14 August 2017


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive some amazing products from the guys at Anatomicals UK. I was so excited to try out the face masks and body lotion they had sent me. 
So over the last week I've managed to try everything and I thought I would let you know how I got on.

So if you don't know much about Anatomicals then here are some quick things that you should know about them. They are known for their witty and funny names for their products and all of their products are free from animal testing which is an added bonus. Their products are sold within Superdrug, ASOS, Harvey Nichols and others so they are definitely very easy to get your hands on. They are also very reasonably priced products so you definitely can grab a few things to try without breaking the bank.

So the first thing I tried was The hotty tottie is never spotty anti blemish face mask I instantly grabbed for this mask when deciding which one to try out first just because my skin was so crappy and spotty at the time. I really loved using this mask, I washed my face and applied the mask and left it on my skin for 10-15 minutes. The scent of this mask is AMAZING and I could definitely see a difference in my skin and it really reduced the size of any blemishes I had.

The next mask I tried out was the Hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating mask again the name, how funny! I definitely loved using this product and think it would be great to use for the summer to really add moisture into the skin. The scent was also beautiful and I think I preferred this mask to the first one as my skin really did feel a lot more hydrated after use as it claimed to.

The last face mask they sent me was the Makes your skin brighter (if not you) strawberry + yarrow face mask this was my last mask to try as I'm always unsure of what to expect with a mask that claims to brighten my skin. I did the same as what I did when using the others, washed my face and applied with my fingertips and left it for 10-15 minutes. I definitely felt like my skin looked better after this mask but I'm still unsure how it brightened my skin but it did feel lovely after! The other two masks where definitely my favourite of the bunch but I am really looking forward to trying some more out as I had great results from the face masks.

The last product I tried from Anatomicals was the Smoother butts love coconuts coconut + mango body lotion this is definitely my favourite product I have tried from the bunch. The smell of this product is just dreamy, it dries and doesn't feel sticky after use which is definitely great as I struggle to find a body lotion that doesn't feel sticky after applying it.
I am obsessed with using body lotions and moisturisers as I do tend to have quite dry areas on my arms and legs so it definitely feels so much better after using this product consistently over the last few weeks. I have been applying it after I have showered/bathed every night before I get into bed and I can honestly say I just love it. Hats off to Anatomicals for creating a great body lotion that will definitely be staying in my routine!
So just a huge thank you to the guys at Anatomicals again for being amazing and sending these out to me to try. I hope you loved reading this little review!
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