Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Last month I was lucky enough to be given my Professional Makeup Artist discount with Charlotte Tilbury. If you didn't know I have been a Makeup Artist for 3 years and a job like mine comes with benefits like this, so I am definitely very grateful for that.
So it was only right to go on a little spending spree when I was given my discount. I had been so tempted to try her Makeup products for so long now and I was so excited as soon as I hit that checkout button.

I ordered a few things including:
(from left to right on photo)

Hot Lips - Hot Emily
Of course I had to get my hands on this lipstick it is my name after all, unfortunately not spelling it the same as I do but hey ho can't complain too much. When I got this lipstick I was a little unsure on the colour but I honestly love it. It is a bright coral colour and is so creamy and comfortable to wear.
I have been wearing this colour to dress up any look and wearing it lightly on my lips to add a bit of colour. 
Beach Stick - Moon Beach
I absolutely love this next product it looks so beautiful on the skin, its not too harsh and is a gorgeous colour. I find this product very easy to use by applying it to the apples of my cheeks and blending it with my fingertips. The colour is perfect for me as I don't like a strong blush on myself and it adds a natural glow.
Bar of Gold
Now I am a HUGE fan of highlighters and this is definitely a product you will be needing. I prefer a more gold toned highlight rather than a pink tone so this is perfect for me. It is a very pigmented highlight which is great for me and I find that I can build this product to go from a subtle highlight to a strong highlight. My highlight is always poppin' with this product!
Colour Chameleon - Bronzed Garnet
I think this is honestly my favourite product out of the ones that I bought! So beautiful and so easy!!
I apply this straight to my eye by using the crayon to colour over my lid then I grab a fluffy blending brush and blend it through my crease and it just blends great.
I go back in at the end to go over right along my lash line so it pops a bit more and add it to my waterline and smoke it out underneath. I'll definitely be buying some more colours in this product. AMAZING!
4 x Complimentary Samples
Sample Legendary Lashes Mascara 
Sample Rock 'N' Kohl - Marlene Midnight
Sample Hot Lips - K.K.W
Sample Charlotte's Magic Cream
I was so amazed that I was able to choose so many samples with my order baring in mind the Mascara and Eyeliner are a great size and will get more than one use out of! The mascara was the only product I wasn't a huge fan of as it was just a tad bit clumpy for me as I prefer my lashes to look defined and lengthy. Other than that I was really impressed with the other samples I picked and would definitely look into buying them.

All in all I have had a great first experience with Charlotte Tilbury makeup and will definitely be keeping her amazing makeup brand within my makeup bag! P.S how beautiful is the packaging, it's so luxurious💗

There is definitely so many products that I would love to try from there aswell so I am going to link a little wishlist below too! Hope you've loved reading this!

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