Monday, 21 August 2017


Yes that's right this blog post is all about Monday blues and come on let's face it we all have it right now. Whether your sitting at work or sat at home in bed catching up on the new Game of Thrones episode we all know we are just a little depressed that the weekend is over. 
I will hold my hands up and say yes I am very sad that my amazing weekend is over with and now its back to work. This weekend I was at a family wedding in Liverpool which was truly stunning so I will pop a few pictures below just so I can be reminded how amazing the weekend was.


Anyways, I thought that I would make a little list of what you can do to make your Monday just that little bit better and not be so depressed after all. We have to start the week on a positive note so that the rest of the week will continue to be great!

The best bath of your life - My ideal Monday morning would definitely include a hot bubble bath with all of the skincare involved so that you feel extremely pampered, fresh and ready to conquer the week ahead!

I don't sweat I sparkle - Include a workout in your day! I definitely think a good workout can improve your mood and make you feel so much better about yourself and about your day. I've set a goal for myself to do Yoga every morning and go for a run every night which will help both with my physical and mental health!

take an hour - Take some time out of your day to do something you enjoy, this could be anything from reading a book, catching up on a TV programme, watch a film or inviting a friend round for lunch. I will definitely be sitting down tonight after a long day with a cup of tea and tuning into this weeks episode of Game of Thrones which I cannot wait for!

blow the cobwebs away - Get your trainers on and go for a long walk to get the fresh air into your lungs and clear any negativity. Invite a friend along or take your favourite four legged friend and get the blood pumping around your body and feel invigorated by the time you land back on your front door step.

good things will come to those who wait - What I mean by this is have something set in your mind of something you are doing or something you may have planned that you can look forward to. For me its knowing that my Florida holiday is only two weeks away so that is keeping me going and motivated until then!

I hope this helps to rid any of those blues as it definitely works for me and I think it's very true that positivity is key! I also hope you loved reading this too, leave me a comment of what you like to do that helps you feel better on a day like today!


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