Thursday, 24 August 2017


Hey Guys! 
Quite a different post from me today however I think it's gonna be a pretty good one and hope you love it! Tonight my boyfriend Jamie and I decided to make a Vegetable & Chickpea Coconut Curry and I added some fish in mine just for something a lil extra (because i'm a lil extra)

So this post isn't going to be your typical food post where I will post the recipe and tell you how I made this delicious dish, I thought I would use this post about my recent decision of not eating meat.
Now, I have always been a huge animal lover anyway and I don't eat a lot of meat anyway so at the moment I am not finding my change over too difficult. 
I basically decided to continue to eat fish and dairy at the moment until I get used to it and more comfortable and you never know I may remove those from my diet in the future but at the moment I am happy with keeping them in my diet.

I am trying a lot of new things at the minute just to try and become a healthier, happier person and I'm hoping by changing my diet this will help contribute towards this goal.
I feel like I am doing so well at the minute with this because I find I'm making more time to actually make some delicious meals because I am finding it more exciting to experiment with seafood and other new things for me. I also feel that by doing this I'm getting back into my fitness and have been exercising regularly so that is obviously a bonus for me!

I will try and keep you updated on how I am getting on with my new little diet! 
If you want to see the recipe and ingredients for this tasty little dish then head to Jamie's Instagram page he regularly posts amazing healthy food so you should definitely check that out right here

 I hope you loved reading this post and let me know if you enjoyed reading this with it being a little different! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Pescatarian/Vegetarian/Vegan dish is?


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