Wednesday, 30 August 2017


So yesterday I posted an Instagram story of my Florida packing checklist and as some of you know I'm going to Florida for two weeks in 4 days! Now what a lot of people don't actually know is that I have very bad anxiety which also ties in with OCD, I choose not to talk about it to most people but to the people closest to me know that it is a daily struggle for me.

So here's a little bit of info - lets get real for a moment.
Growing up I was always a child who was worried, scared and even frightened at most things in life whether it be fireworks, clowns, balloons, you name it I was scared of it and most likely would not want to be in the same room with it. Whatever it was I was afraid of looking at it, being near it, listening to it and nobody around me ever really saw it as a problem and neither did I until I reached my teenage years where I discovered that this trait had stuck with me.

So I get to my teenage years and things where pretty much the same but tended to be more real things, like things I have to face on a normal day e.g. going into a shop on my own, being on a train/bus or even just walking down the street. I don't know why these things still bother me to this day but it does. Most people that suffer with anxiety will know you have your good days and your bad days. Bad days being the ones where you probably don't want to go out and see anyone for a few days or a week or even a few weeks.
I've had a few periods where my bad times just seem to be really bad and I struggle to do anything, everything seems heightened and more difficult to go through, but luckily these days never happen often and I just have general anxiety and I can pretty much deal with that now or have learned how to cope with it.

So going forth with this, I decided to try therapy. Yep, I said it and I've done it and hopefully I'm through most of it now and don't think I will be needing to go back as often as I do because I have a real understanding now of why I get anxiety and how to deal with it.
So while going on these sessions we worked out that with my anxiety I get a lovely side order of OCD that ties in with it, now I know you might be thinking how does cleaning fit in with anxiety? a lot of people do assume that OCD is to do with being a bit of a clean freak when it's not really that at all, it can be but there's different kinds and mine just happens to be the fact that everything has to be in a routine and I have to do that specific routine to feel calm about it which kind of helps with my anxiety, so yes it is a little bit odd.

Anyways, I thought I would add a new kind of series to my blog not your usual anxiety blog post where you talk about it in general but talking about how I can now help myself and control it so hopefully it can help others that may be in a similar situation.
I'm not saying I'm a pro at this and that I know everything and I'm definitely not saying that I'm fine and dandy now because obviously it is something I have to deal with on a regular basis and
isn't just going to disappear over night. I'm still putting everything to practice for myself but I thought I would share the things I have found so far that have really helped me and the things I'm still doing that help me now!

I've found this little 21 day anxiety challenge which I find quite helpful for me as you can challenge yourself with something new everyday and give it a go and see if it helps you!
I found this on Pinterest which I absolutely love as it has anything you need on there.

Back to Florida.
So as I was saying above I am travelling to Florida in 4 days so yesterday I created a checklist of all the things I need to pack in my suitcase and hand luggage just so it keeps me right and so that I'm not panicking on the way to the airport thinking oh my god I've forgot to pack my knickers?! just kidding, but this way I know I've got everything and means I'm starting my holiday being calm and organised!

So I've printed this off for myself to start using it to pack all of my things on Thursday/Friday so this will definitely come in handy to me so if it does to you I will link a printable copy for you to use too.
Click the picture below to access the downloadable version.

I hope this helps a lot of people who deal with anxiety, OCD or even just need help organising your packing for your holidays!
Thanks for reading!
PS this was a pretty big deal for me writing about my anxiety so if you want to leave a comment about anything you struggle with, or what you do to help it let me know!πŸ’—


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