Tuesday, 1 August 2017


So here's something quite new for me but I thought why not seen as though I have been loving my cosy days off lately!
I thought why not create a post all about my cosy days! I will include all things that I love using and would love to include while having my perfect snuggled up day and hopefully you will love them too.

So of course to start off my list of lazy day favourites, I am going to set this off with what I'm loving on Netflix right now because who wouldn't want to binge watch Netflix all day!

The Vampire Diaries
Honestly the best TV series I have ever watched in life, I can embarrassingly tell you that I have watched all Seasons of TVD and now as it has come to a sad end I have decided to re-watch all of the series through Netflix! This is actually my favourite thing to watch on my lazy days, I don't know why but I'm just obsessed and it just gives me all of the feels!

Orange is the new Black
Another great TV series however, the long wait of a new series is annoying to me and I kind of lose interest as it takes that long to bring a new series out then upload every episode so I sit and binge watch them all! BUT still such a great series and I've definitely had many cosy days watching multiple episodes.

Disney Life
You're probably thinking what the hell is Disney Life and I will tell you. Disney Life is an app just like Netflix but every single Disney movie you can imagine along with many TV shows.
Its honestly my favourite thing, I downloaded it onto my Amazon Fire Stick and the app is actually free but you pay £4.99 a month to be able to watch anything!
So good and absolutely great for a lazy day!

I've created a little list below of what I class as some essentials for my cosy days which you can flick through below. Not crazy in price and just exactly what you need to ensure your day is extra snug!

I've obviously included some comfy socks and slippers, I chose those particular ones above as I personally don't like my feet being hot so I feel like either pair of socks or slippers would be perfect for me!
Of course you need some kind of blanked or throw to keep you warm and snug, I've picked the mermaid one as I think they're just so cool and cute. Cool story - my sister actually bought my mom one of these for her birthday, I don't think she quite got the jist of it and think it went back in my sister's hands, so I'll definitely be borrowing that. Of course you can stick with an ordinary throw/blanket however I just thought it would be cute to add both!
CANDLES!! They are definitely a necessity for me on my cosy days, I think they just make everything more calm and relaxed. I have linked some lovely ones above but my personal favourites are from Bath & Body works but you can only buy those in America, so I will definitely stock up on those when I am there in 5 weeks time. I'm going to link some of my fav's below:

 Leaves Marshmallow Fireside Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I love lazy days (I'm sure you can already understand that) I'm going to list some extra items that you might be interested for you lazy days too!
Thanks for reading.


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