Monday, 31 July 2017


Bit of a random blog post today but I really wanted to sit down with the laptop on a chilled out Sunday afternoon and talk about my favourite park in Disney World! These kind of things are keeping me going until I'm physically back there in 42 days!! YAS

Animal Kingdom

My favourite place in Disney. The most beautiful, relaxing and picturesque park in Walt Disney World. This place is what I am most looking forward to visiting again this year, especially now that they have expanded the park to add Pandora the world of Avatar.

So as soon as you step into this amazing place you will be greeted by the beautiful Tree of Life  which is a huge Baobab tree located right in the centre of the park. If you can get really close to the Tree you will notice that there are tonnes of animals carved into it which is amazing! There are also many picture opportunities to have with family and friends in front of the Tree of Life. 

My next favourite thing about this park is that they have a huge Zoo to walk around with some amazing animals. Not only can you walk but you can hop on their Kilimanjaro Safari ride and experience a close up look of the animals with an amazing driver feeding you so much information on each of the animals!!

They say the best time to hop on the safari's is at night when its dark as most of the animals are more active at night but I can definitely confirm that every time you go on the safari it's a different but amazing experience every time!

There is now a few shows you can check out while your at Animal Kingdom but one in particular really stood out for Jamie and I. The Festival of the Lion King, one of my favourite things to see in Disney.
Watching last year for the first time I honestly could not hold back the tears, it was so beautiful to watch and is truly a great show! I can not wait to watch it again this year.
You can book this show as a fastpass+ so your not having to spend a lot of time waiting in a queue and it guarantees you to go in before the main crowd and grab yourself a good spot to watch the show!

The rides at Animal Kingdom are great, my favourite being Expedition Everest. Jamie and I rode this so many times last year and I think it was definitely up there with one of our favs ever!
The queue itself is fascinating, so even if you do have to stand in a long queue or don't manage to book a fastpass+ for this ride you can keep yourself entertained with the theming off this ride line.
This year there will be a couple more rides that we can experience as Pandora will be opening so I am definitely looking forward to trying out those.

Last but certainly not least was some of the food that we got to try out in Animal Kingdom.
There was so many different options for snacks and restaurants, while we where in the park we just bought a sandwich each for lunch and grabbed some snacks later.
We picked up two Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels & a Mickey Mouse cookie!

Obviously I'm sure there are better food options than our snacks but obviously when your in Disney World you have to try almost everything that is Mickey shaped. This year we have a restaurant booked called Yak & Yeti which I have heard some great things about so I'm rather excited for trying this out. However, the thing I'm excited the most about for food reasons is Pandora! I have seen some amazing food & drink options coming from there and they look amazing and very different!!

Only 42 days to go!! Eeeek!


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