Monday, 31 July 2017


As I'm sure some of you already know I have recently came back from an amazing trip in Albufeira, Portugal.
I honestly had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and his family and I just really didn't want to come home (but you know girl gotta come home and work!)

I thought I would do a post dedicated to my time spent in Portugal and share some photos that didn't make it on my Instagram.
So, I thought what I would do on this post is share with you some of the places that we visited.

My favourite place that we visited whilst in Portugal was Albufeira Old Town. In the Old Town there was tonnes of amazing little stalls, shops and of course bars!
Honestly though I always just love to browse in all the stalls and shops because you can come accross some of the cutest things!

We spent a couple of nights in the Old Town as well which was so much fun as it had a great nightlife and so many bars to choose from.
They also had a lot of street entertainers on a night time which where great and always seemed to attract a hell of a lot of people!

My next favourite thing about our trip was of course the food, would you even want to read this blog if food wasn't included?

There were so many Gelato and Ice Cream places that you can try out which of course have so many flavours to try, but we found an amazing Gelato stall right down near Praia Da Oura beach and it was right near our hotel too which was so nice to be 5 minutes from the beach.

We also found a cute little Ice Lolly stand in the Old Town which had lots of different flavours to try like Iced Tea & Ginger which I had and was so refreshing! I'd never seen or tried anything like this before.

We stayed in the Hotel Aqua Pedra Dos Bicos which was a very beautiful 4* adults only hotel. It was very central and was located in a safe area.
Our hotel included breakfast during our stay and was amazing! It was honestly the highlight of my morning.

We usually went to breakfast around 8am every day to make sure that we where up early and ready to go for the full day.
Our breakfast options where a full continental breakfast with cereals, fruit, toast and even had healthy options. There was also a hot breakfast option which was great and I will admit I had some of it every day, but why not I was on holiday!!

I think my favourite thing about Portugal was just the scenery. Everywhere we went there was amazing views and flowers, everything was just so colourful and beautiful.
The beaches where beautiful, however the water was very cold if you are brave enough to go and venture in the sea I definitely would but Jamie and I just tended to stay safe with just dipping our feet in as it was so cold!
There was so many activities that you could do at the beach, a handful of water-sports that you could experience including Parasailing, Canoeing, Kayaking and even a giant inflatable Assault Course which did look amazing and we very nearly did it but didn't end up going back to that specific beach.
Even just lounging on the beach was just as great as trying out one of these daring water-sports as it was so warm and relaxing

All in all I had an amazing time in Portugal and would definitely recommend it to anyone and would visit there again and I'm very sad that I am back home now and not there in the sun. However, I only have 59 days until FLORIDA!!! (YAS can't wait)
Anyways, back to Portugal I will leave some more photos of my trip below for you to have a little flick through!💓


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