Monday, 31 July 2017


So obviously as you know I love Disney a hell of a lot and I follow quite a few Disney bloggers on Instagram and Disney style pages and I stumbled across this Handbag & Jewellery company a while ago called Danielle Nicole.
Danielle creates beautiful handbags and jewellery which is sold worldwide, her most favoured collection of mine is the Disney x Danielle Nicole collection where there as some of the best Disney characters turned into an accessory! (and why wouldn't you want to wear them as an accessory)

Recently my Disney x Danielle Nicole collection is growing in size and I just can't quite choose which is my favourite! I have just recently purchased the very popular Cogsworth bag from QVC UK which I am still waiting for it to arrive.

So lets start with one of the best birthday presents I've ever received:
'Beautiful as a Rose' Crossbody 

So I'm sure that the amazing people that bought me this bag got it from QVC UK so I have linked that by clicking on the image above and also the title above. I was so surprised to have received this crossbody bag on my birthday and I was so overwhelmed and excited to use it. It is the most beautiful, can go with anything bag I have ever owned. 
On the back of the bag in text it quotes 'Beautiful as a Rose' in gold text which is just stunning!
(image from @dnhandbags website)

Now I shall move on to the show stopper!!
Cinderella Crossbody  

This bag! I have no words!
Isn't she just amazing?!
The best statement piece I have ever owned. I was lucky enough to have received this also as a gift from my amazing man. I think he picked this beauty up from either YOOX or QVC UK, either way I have linked both!
I can't wait to show her off at Disney World in 5 weeks time.

Next up this sassy little crab, my first ever Danielle Nicole bag I have bought myself!
Sebastian Crossbody

I actually can't link this guy as I don't think he is available in the UK anymore!πŸ˜’
I was very lucky to have bought him while he was in the sale on QVC UK, I think I got him for around £35 and he holds a very special place in my heart!
I really love the combo of black and red, so beautiful.
The one thing I notice about all of these bags is how amazingly detailed they are, they look incredible in photos but even better in person!

So as I said above I ordered this guy when he came back in stock on QVC UK last week so I am still waiting for him to arrive - so hurry please!
(image from Danielle Nicole website)
I had been checking the QVC website religiously over the last few weeks to see if he was going to come back in stock, after about 4 weeks he finally did and I had to get him straight away!
I just think he's so cute and gorgeous and I can not wait to have him in my collection.
All of these babies will be coming with my on my Disney trip, so I can't wait for that!

Thanks for reading and go check out Danielle's amazing Disney collection.



So here is my next place in my adventure series, and that is Hamsterley Forest.
Jamie and I often go to Hamsterley Forest for a little bonding time and we love to explore in the forest, literally every time we go there we take a different trail through the forest so its always different scenery and a new adventure!!

Hamsterley Forest is in County Durham and is literally just a huge forest with tonnes of walking and cycling trails that you can venture on, there is plenty for the kids and obviously for adults too!
So Jamie and I have been here quite a lot lately as we love to go and keep our phones in our bags as they usually have no service here anyway but its just nice to go out and explore.
So we went last Sunday and took a lot of photos (for blog purposes only OBVS) so I will leave these below for you to have a lil browse through πŸ‘€πŸ’—



Bit of a random blog post today but I really wanted to sit down with the laptop on a chilled out Sunday afternoon and talk about my favourite park in Disney World! These kind of things are keeping me going until I'm physically back there in 42 days!! YAS

Animal Kingdom

My favourite place in Disney. The most beautiful, relaxing and picturesque park in Walt Disney World. This place is what I am most looking forward to visiting again this year, especially now that they have expanded the park to add Pandora the world of Avatar.

So as soon as you step into this amazing place you will be greeted by the beautiful Tree of Life  which is a huge Baobab tree located right in the centre of the park. If you can get really close to the Tree you will notice that there are tonnes of animals carved into it which is amazing! There are also many picture opportunities to have with family and friends in front of the Tree of Life. 

My next favourite thing about this park is that they have a huge Zoo to walk around with some amazing animals. Not only can you walk but you can hop on their Kilimanjaro Safari ride and experience a close up look of the animals with an amazing driver feeding you so much information on each of the animals!!

They say the best time to hop on the safari's is at night when its dark as most of the animals are more active at night but I can definitely confirm that every time you go on the safari it's a different but amazing experience every time!

There is now a few shows you can check out while your at Animal Kingdom but one in particular really stood out for Jamie and I. The Festival of the Lion King, one of my favourite things to see in Disney.
Watching last year for the first time I honestly could not hold back the tears, it was so beautiful to watch and is truly a great show! I can not wait to watch it again this year.
You can book this show as a fastpass+ so your not having to spend a lot of time waiting in a queue and it guarantees you to go in before the main crowd and grab yourself a good spot to watch the show!

The rides at Animal Kingdom are great, my favourite being Expedition Everest. Jamie and I rode this so many times last year and I think it was definitely up there with one of our favs ever!
The queue itself is fascinating, so even if you do have to stand in a long queue or don't manage to book a fastpass+ for this ride you can keep yourself entertained with the theming off this ride line.
This year there will be a couple more rides that we can experience as Pandora will be opening so I am definitely looking forward to trying out those.

Last but certainly not least was some of the food that we got to try out in Animal Kingdom.
There was so many different options for snacks and restaurants, while we where in the park we just bought a sandwich each for lunch and grabbed some snacks later.
We picked up two Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels & a Mickey Mouse cookie!

Obviously I'm sure there are better food options than our snacks but obviously when your in Disney World you have to try almost everything that is Mickey shaped. This year we have a restaurant booked called Yak & Yeti which I have heard some great things about so I'm rather excited for trying this out. However, the thing I'm excited the most about for food reasons is Pandora! I have seen some amazing food & drink options coming from there and they look amazing and very different!!

Only 42 days to go!! Eeeek!



So seen as though it's supposed to be the middle of summer right now (however English weather clearly says different) I thought I would do a post on the summer makeup products that I am really loving right now.
Some of these products are quite new to me and some are oldies that I've rediscovered but who cares about that here is some of my summer makeup essentials!

I've recently came back from Portugal which has been the perfect time to find some of my summer essentials and give them a good trial run! So of course on my travels I stopped off in the duty free in Newcastle Airport for a good mooch and found this old fav!

Chanel Tan De Soleil
This product usually retails for around £36.00 and I picked this little gem up in duty free for £28.00 which was a great little buy for me and I used this religiously whilst I was in Portugal as it gives you that perfect subtle bronzed look.
It is technically listed as a bronzing base so you can add product on top of it if you wish but I like to just stick to this product on its own as it is just the right amount and colour for me.
It's a cream bronzer so I find it very easy to apply either with a brush or a beauty blender and find it just as easy to blend which is why it makes it such a great subtle bronzer.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Body Oil

This was definitely a winner product for me whilst being away on holiday and is also my go to product when I wear an outfit that has my shoulders or decolletage on show. It gives a perfect shimmer on the skin with a subtle highlight. I was using this product on my shoulders on top of MAC's Goldlite Strobe Cream and it was just perfect!
I love The Body Shop and have always loved using their products and can't wait to try some more of their new things that they have brought out.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

This little guy, I also picked him up in duty free and got a pretty good deal as I got an extra 20% off on top of the cheaper duty free price. I have been dying to try this foundation for so long and it has definitely met up to my expectations.
So here is everything you need to know about this 'No Foundation Foundation'

  • It helps to restore skins natural radiance and colour of youth
  • Helps to minimise wrinkles and pores
  • Helps to correct undertones 
  • It contains a mineral based SPF 30πŸ‘
  • Finish: Dewy & Glowing 

I definitely have changed my style of makeup and I am going for more of a natural look which is why I wanted to try this product and I loved using it on holiday and am still using it back home!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz & Liquid Lipstick

I love this brand and love trying out their products and have definitely found some winners within there huge makeup range!
First up my all time brow fav is Brow Wiz, I pick up the shade Dark Brown as my hair is very dark however anything darker it's a little too dark for me as I like a softer brow on myself.
This product is very easy to use and feel like I have no hassle when it comes to filling in my brows and love that it has a small spooly on the other end of the product which is definitely an added bonus!

My second love of theirs is the Liquid Lipsticks whilst I only own a few of these as they are quite hard to get hold of in the UK, I love this shade Crush! Its so beautiful and just enough colour in it and I find it not too pink (if that makes any sense) basically it is the perfect shade of pink!
The formula is also great and not too drying which is a huge hate of mine and find it uncomfortable if I wear a drying matte lipstick. I love this product too with a gloss on top depending on what type of look I am going for.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my summer essentials and hopefully you might want to go and try some of these products out now. If you do or if you already have tried these products out leave a comment and let me know what you think and let me know what some of your summer essentials are!πŸ’“




As some of you know I have a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with Disney and last year was my first year travelling to Florida for 2 weeks of fun in the top theme parks in Orlando!
It was honestly the best experience I have had in my life and am so thrilled to be going back there again this year in September! (YAS).
Since then I have rekindled my childhood obsession - Disney!
So this is why I decided to give Disney it's own section on my blog, however you may find a few other things on here that tie in with it, but I definitely wanted to add a bit of fun to this blog and why not!

So I realised whilst on my holiday last year that it's definitely important to know a few tips and tricks with Disney World that make your stay easier and hopefully this helps if your planning a trip to Disney World or another Disney Park.



My number 1 to start of this list is definitely one of the most important and helpful ones to know and that is for someone in your party to download the My Disney Experience app as it helps you organise your trip to Disney.

On this app you can book food reservations and fast passes for your rides. What a lot of people don't know about the fast pass system at Disney is that you can choose 3 fast passes a day for 1 park of your choice and then after you have used up all of these fast passes you may claim your next fast pass which is great and most people don't think they get any more after the first 3!

This app is also great for navigating around Walt Disney World, because it is such a HUGE place and you may need a little help on figuring out what is close to you or where you need to go next. You can use this helpful app to look at their map (unintentional rhyme, sorry) of Disney.

There are so many great features to this app so that is why it is my number 1 tip for your trip to Disney.



Next up, this is definitely an important tip not just for Disney World but if you are actually planning a trip to Florida as it is great to make sure you are in the know of what you are going to be doing each day.

When making our itinerary I make a little plan on Excel to write what we will be doing morning, afternoon and evening so that we can book our fast passes or food reservations. We usually do this together way in advance with a little help from the Orlando Crowd Calendar on Under Cover Tourist which advises you which parks are busy or quiet on each day of your holiday.
I will leave the link to this calendar below as it is very useful! 



I know this seems like a pretty obvious one but I would definitely recommend booking table reservations for anywhere you really want to try in Florida, especially the popular places in Disney like Be Our Guest, Ohana's, Sci-fi Dine in Theatre, Yak & Yeti & Cinderella's Royal Table.
These places are definitely the ones that you will need to book quite far in advance, I'm sure you can just walk-in but it is a lot easier to have it all organised before you go.

You can make reservations on the My Disney Experience app or website which is very helpful!



When going to Florida be prepared to do major amounts of walking. After all, you'll be park hopping form park to park.
A huge trick for footwear for me is to always go with trainers around the park for comfort! Another thing with trainers is wear ones that you have had for a while and have been worn in otherwise you should be prepared for blisters, blisters & more blisters.

When at waterparks a great tip is to wear sliders/flip flops as they are so easy to slip on and off.
Last year we went to Discovery Cove which is a day resort where you can swim with dolphins and snorkel with fish. Sliders where a great option for us both as we could keep them in the locker during our dolphin swim and when we where ready for our all inclusive food we could just slip them on and we where good to go! So definitely invest in some before your trip.



Taking a break is a major key when it comes to Florida as it is just so tiring, people aren't kidding when they say the need another holiday after Florida just to chill out.
When your going in and out of parks for 14 days straight it can get very tiring especially when there is so much to do and see and it's so hot!

My advice to you is just take a break. If you need to just have half an hour to sit down or have a drink then do that. Our huge mistake last year is that we didn't have as many breaks as we should of and when we would get back to the hotel room around 6/7pm and have plans to chill out and then go back out we simply couldn't, we would just crash on the bed and find it impossible to get back up again.
So 100% just take a break when needed!



Tip number 6, get up early to start your day off right!
Last year we where up and getting ready around 7am, this was a perfect time for us as we could get everything sorted to go for the day and be out and ready to start the day at 8am.

This was the best thing for when your going to parks as you can get there early for park opening ceremonies and really make the most of the day rather than wasting half of the morning and maybe even grab some breakfast either on the way or inside the parks!



Obviously, before going to Florida you need to sort out your park tickets for access for however long you are there. In our case we needed 14 days worth of our park tickets which is fine for us as we usually book our tickets through Attraction Tickets Direct, I will leave a link to which specific tickets we have purchased for this year.

Another added tip with tickets is if you are wanting to attend any special ticketed events within the parks is to buy those in advance to be well organised with any other events that you want to attend.
It also saves you from standing at the park entrance to buy them if you spontaneously want to go to any.
Below I will leave a list of special ticketed events all year round that can be attended:
- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (select nights August - October)
- Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (select nights November - December)
- Disney After Hours (select nights January - March)
Universal Studios
- Celebration of Harry Potter (select dates in January)
- Mardi Gras (select dates February - April)
- Halloween Horror Nights (select nights September - October)
- Grinchmas (select dates December - January)
- Macy's Holiday Parade (select dates December - January)



When in the Disney parks you will most likely realise that a lot of things are quite expensive whether it be Food, Merchandise or Clothing.
However, I have a major tip for buying Disney Clothing & Merchandise and that is to go and explore the Disney Character Warehouse at the Orlando outlets. Maybe you won't find everything that you are wanting there but it is definitely worth a look before you splash all of that cash at Disney World.
By doing this it will definitely save you a $!
There are also some other outlet shops in the outlet malls which are really awesome to go and check out, so I would really advise visiting them.
There is two Outlet malls, one nearer to Disney World and the other one closer to Universal.



Drinking water is a staple for me!
To actually be able to get through this very exhausting holiday it is very important to keep yourself hydrated.
The great thing about most parks is that they have water fountains around every park in order for you to keep hydrated without paying a fee. However, what most people do is have a really fun and lengthy trip out to Walmart or Target (lengthy because it is probably impossible not to be in there for hours) and by a multi-pack of waters to keep in your hotel fridge.
All the parks allow you to take a sealed bottle of water in with you aslong as they haven't been opened beforehand which makes it a lot easier for us as a bottle of water in the parks is around $3 (I know, extortionate).



My final tip for you is to definitely take the time to go and experience night time in whichever parks you can. When it comes to Disney this applies to almost all of them as majority have a firework show that you can go and watch.
Some of these shows are just a cannot miss, they are honestly amazing!
Here is a list of some of my favourite night time shows and some that I haven't seen and am excited to see.

- Magic Kingdom's Wishes Nighttime Spectacular (which has now been replaced with Happily Ever After which looks even better, so I can't wait to watch that multiple times this year)
- Hollywood Studios Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular
- Epcot's: Illuminations

Looking forward to see:
- Animal Kingdom's Rivers of Light
- Animal Kingdom's Pandora at night
- Universal Studios Cinematic Spectacular

So I hope this helps you if you are planning a trip to any of these places in Florida or maybe all of them!
If there are any questions, suggestions or just fancy a chat you can find all my details on my contact page!!πŸ˜€



As I'm sure some of you already know I have recently came back from an amazing trip in Albufeira, Portugal.
I honestly had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and his family and I just really didn't want to come home (but you know girl gotta come home and work!)

I thought I would do a post dedicated to my time spent in Portugal and share some photos that didn't make it on my Instagram.
So, I thought what I would do on this post is share with you some of the places that we visited.

My favourite place that we visited whilst in Portugal was Albufeira Old Town. In the Old Town there was tonnes of amazing little stalls, shops and of course bars!
Honestly though I always just love to browse in all the stalls and shops because you can come accross some of the cutest things!

We spent a couple of nights in the Old Town as well which was so much fun as it had a great nightlife and so many bars to choose from.
They also had a lot of street entertainers on a night time which where great and always seemed to attract a hell of a lot of people!

My next favourite thing about our trip was of course the food, would you even want to read this blog if food wasn't included?

There were so many Gelato and Ice Cream places that you can try out which of course have so many flavours to try, but we found an amazing Gelato stall right down near Praia Da Oura beach and it was right near our hotel too which was so nice to be 5 minutes from the beach.

We also found a cute little Ice Lolly stand in the Old Town which had lots of different flavours to try like Iced Tea & Ginger which I had and was so refreshing! I'd never seen or tried anything like this before.

We stayed in the Hotel Aqua Pedra Dos Bicos which was a very beautiful 4* adults only hotel. It was very central and was located in a safe area.
Our hotel included breakfast during our stay and was amazing! It was honestly the highlight of my morning.

We usually went to breakfast around 8am every day to make sure that we where up early and ready to go for the full day.
Our breakfast options where a full continental breakfast with cereals, fruit, toast and even had healthy options. There was also a hot breakfast option which was great and I will admit I had some of it every day, but why not I was on holiday!!

I think my favourite thing about Portugal was just the scenery. Everywhere we went there was amazing views and flowers, everything was just so colourful and beautiful.
The beaches where beautiful, however the water was very cold if you are brave enough to go and venture in the sea I definitely would but Jamie and I just tended to stay safe with just dipping our feet in as it was so cold!
There was so many activities that you could do at the beach, a handful of water-sports that you could experience including Parasailing, Canoeing, Kayaking and even a giant inflatable Assault Course which did look amazing and we very nearly did it but didn't end up going back to that specific beach.
Even just lounging on the beach was just as great as trying out one of these daring water-sports as it was so warm and relaxing

All in all I had an amazing time in Portugal and would definitely recommend it to anyone and would visit there again and I'm very sad that I am back home now and not there in the sun. However, I only have 59 days until FLORIDA!!! (YAS can't wait)
Anyways, back to Portugal I will leave some more photos of my trip below for you to have a little flick through!πŸ’“



I have decided to create a series for my lifestyle section on my blog. This series is going to be about all my adventures that I encounter on, so that I can share with you some of my most favourite places that I absolutely love and chill me right out!

So to kick this series off I am sharing one of my favourite places for a hike which is Roseberry Topping near Great Ayton.
I absolutely love going here with my boyfriend Jamie as it gets us out in the fresh air and for me it can be quite a challenge to actually get up the hill, especially when it's warm.
At the moment, we have been very lucky to have some summer sun so we have been going to Roseberry quite often as it is only about a 30 minute drive for us and means we can make the most of the gorgeous weather.
I find with going places like this it helps me switch off from all Social Media and helps me to be more calm minded with a lot of things, it really gives me the time to clear my head if I am feeling a little stressed or run down.😌

We usually take quite a few pictures on our adventures so I am going to make these posts a little more exciting with some pictures that we take on our way up!